Mindfulness Coaching

Support for your Best Life

My Coaching practice focuses on strengthening the two key elements of Mindfulness – Awareness and Acceptance, and moving towards Action in the areas that we can influence.  

Increased awareness and acceptance, while seemingly passive, open up huge areas of possibility as we see that there are many more angles and perspectives from which we can view any situation.  This allows for the ability to act in a responsive, grounded, and intuitive way that tends to lead to satisfying and lasting improvements in one’s life.

We often tend to get stuck on one or two issues that are stealing our joy.  The issue(s) change as life evolves, but each and every time, the very thing that seems to be taking away our ability to be happy in the moment is the source of growth that we most need.  

Through individualized coaching sessions, we bring to light the key issue for you in the moment, and find ways to bring mindfulness and creative solutions to the challenge and opportunity.  

By developing greater awareness, acceptance and action, and working together to break through any resistance to developing healthier and more wholesome habits, you will reach deeper levels of connection with yourself, your loved ones, your current work and situation, and find the joy and wellbeing you seek.

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Through individualized coaching sessions, we bring to light the key issue for you in the moment, and find ways to bring mindfulness and creative solutions to the challenge and opportunity. 

Mindful Eating

When you look down on your plate, you will see who you are.  

When I was in the midst of University and an eating disorder, aspartame and fat free foods filled my plate.  They made me pretty on the outside, but were so empty on the inside.  Just like me.  

Now, I fill my plate with nourishing foods that fuel my body, mind and spirit.  Whenever I consume too many empty calories or unhealthy foods, it is a trigger to look within, to find what it is within my own body that needs healing or nurturing. 

By learning about nutrition, about your own body, and about your relationship with food, you can begin to see the kind of eating that will bring wholeness and connection to your life.  

Food need not be a source of stress, and when we give food the attention it deserves and not use it as a substitute for meeting other needs (for connection, love, rest or self-care), our bodies will find their own natural weight and shape.  

Peace with food brings lightness within and a strong, healthy body full of vitality and grace.

Once we put eating in its place, we may find that there is still a need to feel nourished, whole and “fed”.  In order to meet this need, we can begin the practice of lovingkindness or self-compassion.  

The more we learn to love and accept ourselves as we are, the less we will need food (or the endless search for the perfect body) to fill an emotional void or a need for intimacy.  

The intimacy we seek can be found by relating to ourselves with warmth, kindness, and a loving embrace.

Mindful Yoga

 Yoga involves synchronizing the breath with a series of postures.  

It is a moving meditation that helps us develop a strong, light body and a quiet steady mind.

For me, yoga has been a godsend.  Its effects are so profound that they cannot be adequately described in words.  

There is something magical about connecting the body and breath, day in, day out, and staying present with your thoughts, feelings and body sensations as you strengthen and stretch your body in a loving way.  

Ultimately the practice becomes a balm that soothes all wounds and brings deep healing to our suffering.  

It connects us with the deepest experiences of being human.  As we show up on our mat every day, we see ourselves tired, upset, excited, grieving, jealous, bored… the whole spectrum of human emotion shows up within us.  

At first we may want to escape and find outlets for our uncomfortable feelings and experiences, but ultimately we realize, it is just me on my mat.  The only one causing this suffering, is myself.  So we begin to change.  

We now meet our suffering – our hatred, our anger, our pain, our repressed sadness with acceptance, with self-compassion, with grace.  

Our bodies respond by opening and our minds quiet.  Suddenly we see that everything we were seeking is already here, right within our own hearts.