Mindfulness at Work Seminars


Mindfulness seminars are a wonderful opportunity to bring greater engagement and effectiveness to your workplace.

Below are some sample topics.  Custom seminars to meet your organization's needs and interests can also be designed.

Mindfulness: From Striving to Thriving

  • Mindfulness practices such as yoga and meditation are getting lots of attention these days.  What are they?  And can sitting or stretching for a few minutes a day really make a difference in your life?  

  • While the habitual pattern of the human mind is to turn away from difficult and challenging situations, mindfulness asks us to dive right in. 

  • By becoming curious about our thoughts, our emotions, our body sensations, and our environment in whatever situation we find ourselves in, we actually become better able to navigate through our difficulties, and even enjoy the process.

  • This seminar will introduce the concept of mindfulness, the significant benefits it can provide for your work and life – including resilience to skillfully respond to change, and an ability to experience increased joy, gratitude and wellbeing – and provide an opportunity to try out a few mindfulness practices.

  • Participants will explore and experience the two principal tenets of mindfulness – Awareness and Acceptance, as well as a third tenet that is critical in life – skillful Action.

Overcoming Overwhelm

  • Constant e-mails, texts, social media, work pressures and family obligations make staying present in this age of distraction is an overwhelming feat.

  • This seminar will help you identify what is causing overwhelm in your life and explore ways to respond in clear and effective ways.

  • We will also uncover the hidden challenges and root causes that could be contributing to overwhelm.

  • Participants will leave the session with a roadmap for overcoming overwhelm and clarity on small action steps to begin the process.

  • The seminar will also provide simple, practical tools and strategies to help regain a sense of balance, ease and wellbeing in the midst of challenging and overwhelming circumstances.  

Redefining Success

  • Have you achieved a certain level of success in your life, but feel that something is missing?

  • Would you like to remove the obstacles that are blocking you from living your best life?

  • In the Redefining Success seminar, Paula Vital, lawyer, senior government advisor, and mindfulness coach, will explore how you define success, how you have achieved success so far in your life, and your roadblocks to obtaining greater success as you see it.

  • By identifying your inherent values, strengths and passions, as well as the ways in which you have let others’ definitions of success determine your path, you will find a clear and effective roadmap to bringing back joy, meaning and purpose to your life.

  • This workshop will explore the habits that may be contributing to a lack of fulfillment, identify some of your current struggles, and provide you with some effective tools and strategies to find ease, wellbeing, and profound success.  

Making the Most of the Your Valuable Time

  • This workshop will explore the Modern Day Manifesto:  “I Don’t Have Enough Time”.  Is it true?  Can we arrive at a place where we are in control of our time, rather than being a slave to our To-Do List?  How do we ensure that despite our busy days, our lives are a reflection of our deepest values?

  • Paula will share strategies for taking charge of your day (and your life), working from a place of meaning and purpose, creating space for what is most important, and increasing your efficiency and effectiveness in everything you do (from e-mails to meetings to difficult conversations).

  • The seminar will explore how we can empower our language and communication when it comes to time, uncovering what we are actually doing with our day as opposed to what we’d like to do, the current struggles and obstacles keeping you from living with ease, and a pathway to get you there.

  • Participants will leave the session with increased clarity as to what is most important to them, and tools and strategies to start making choices that reflect these values, infuse everyday tasks with intention, and build a beautiful life for themselves and those around them.