Mindful Yoga

 Yoga involves synchronizing the breath with a series of postures.  

It is a moving meditation that helps us develop a strong, light body and a quiet steady mind.

For me, yoga has been a godsend.  Its effects are so profound that they cannot be adequately described in words.  

There is something magical about connecting the body and breath, day in, day out, and staying present with your thoughts, feelings and body sensations as you strengthen and stretch your body in a loving way.  

Ultimately the practice becomes a balm that soothes all wounds and brings deep healing to our suffering.  

It connects us with the deepest experiences of being human.  As we show up on our mat every day, we see ourselves tired, upset, excited, grieving, jealous, bored… the whole spectrum of human emotion shows up within us.  

At first we may want to escape and find outlets for our uncomfortable feelings and experiences, but ultimately we realize, it is just me on my mat.  The only one causing this suffering, is myself.  So we begin to change.  

We now meet our suffering – our hatred, our anger, our pain, our repressed sadness with acceptance, with self-compassion, with grace.  

Our bodies respond by opening and our minds quiet.  Suddenly we see that everything we were seeking is already here, right within our own hearts.